Simplify Test Administration and Reporting
with TABE CLAS-E Online

A Secure Web-Based Version of TABE Complete Language Assessment System—English

With the success of TABE® 11&12, and over 10 million TABE tests given on the DRC INSIGHT™ online testing platform, TABE CLAS-E™ moves into the 21st century by adding it to the TABE online suite of assessments.

TABE CLAS-E users now have the ability to leverage the user-friendly DRC INSIGHT testing platform with an assessment designed specifically for adult English language learners. There is no other test in the adult market that assesses the four content areas of Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking—and now, it will serve even more adult learners by being offered online.

Benefits of Testing Online with TABE CLAS-E

  • A fully online assessment designed specifically for adult English language learners.
  • Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing content areas are all completely administered online – adult learners go to the computer lab, put their headsets on, and take the test.
  • All online items are the same items found in the paper-based TABE CLAS-E.
  • Runs on the testing devices and operating systems most commonly used in Adult Ed, including desktop and laptop computers (Windows®, Mac®, and Linux®) and Chromebooks™.
  • Student responses (including spoken responses) are captured while testing.
  • Students can be tested in groups (eliminating the need for one-by-one testing).
  • Utilizes the DRC INSIGHT Platform (same as TABE Online).

What is TABE CLAS-E?

  • Standardized assessment that provides teachers with a reliable, easy-to-use system that accurately identifies the instructional needs of their ESL students.
  • Assesses English proficiency levels to accurately measure students' reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills.
  • Appropriate for all levels of adult ESL.
  • Delivers National Reporting System (NRS) proficiency levels, objective mastery scores, and Student Performance Level Assess Online. (TABE CLAS-E in its current form has an NRS approval through June 30, 2024)

TABE CLAS–E Score Online Reports
With a few clicks of the mouse you get a complete picture of the skill level and progress of your adult English language learners with these score reports:

  • Individual Student Report — Identifies both a student’s strengths and skill areas that need improvement. The report also presents number-correct scores for each test in the assessment, NRS and Student Proficiency Levels, and Objectives Mastery information.

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