TABE Complete Language
Assessment System—English

Enhance learning of English-language skills for your adult students

TABE Complete Language Assessment System–English (TABE CLAS–E) is a coordinated system of assessments, instructional support, and staff development materials. It provides you with the resources to assess the language proficiency of adult English language learners in the areas of reading, listening, writing and speaking. 

The items and passages in TABE CLAS–E focus on workplace, community, and education contexts that are practical and familiar and that will motivate adult learners. The TABE CLAS–E items are aligned with the NRS English as a Second Language (ESL) Educational Functioning Level Descriptors, Student Performance Levels, and several state standards for English language proficiency. TABE CLAS–E makes it easy for you to pinpoint student strengths and areas of opportunity and to demonstrate student gains for NRS reporting purposes.

Monitor student progress

Use the Locator Test to determine the appropriate assessment level for your students. Then use TABE CLAS–E scale scores to monitor students’ progress through pre-and post-testing.

TABE CLAS–E score reports
TABE CLAS–E can be scored locally with TestMate TABE software. Get a complete picture of the skill level and progress of your students with these
score reports:

  • Individual Student Report
  • Item Analysis Report
  • Pre- and Post-Test Report
  • Prescriptive Report
  • Group List Report
  • Assessment Summary Report
  • Rank List Report

Enhance your skills
The Teacher’s Resource Guide, Volume 1 provides guidance and information to support the assessment system, including ESL methodology, items illustrating content, and strategies for interpreting and using score results. The Staff Development Workbook and accompanying DVD or VHS tape are designed for individual or group training sessions. The workbook is an invaluable instructional tool containing sample test items, practice activities for scoring tests, and self-check quizzes on administration procedures.

Promote quality instruction
The Teacher’s Resource Guide, Volume 2 can be used to target instruction for each student. Engaging and easy-to-follow lesson plans provide focused language practice in work and community situations. With TABE CLAS–E, you can help your adult English language learners achieve success in and beyond the classroom.

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Accurately and reliably evaluate the English language skills and instructional needs of adult students

Levels: 4 (1, 2, 3, and 4)
Forms: 2 (A and B)
Length: Reading, Listening,
and Writing—
75 items, 92 minutes
16 items, 15 minutes


  • TABE CLAS–E has been awarded 7-year approval by the U.S. Department of Education’s National Reporting System for Adult Education
  • Optional Locator Test for accurate initial placement
  • Easy computer-based local scoring
  • Proven, research-based test questions
  • Scale score, NRS ESL scores, and Student Performance Levels
  • Links to instructional materials
  • Alignment to key adult education ESL standards
  • Instructional staff guidance materials designed for classes with learners at different proficiency levels
  • Interactive staff development DVD for individual or group training sessions