TABE 11&12 Certification Process

TABE 11&12 Certification is an optional free online training for programs interested in having their staff certified as TABE Test Administrators. TABE Certification consist of two unique, hour-long presentations, each of which is followed by a 30-item test. Upon successfully completing the training and passing the tests participants will be certified to handle, score, and proctor TABE 11&12 tests. Participants can elect to print their Certificate of Completion, save it for later use, or have it emailed to them.

Upon completion certificate holders can:

  • Understand and follow general TABE 11&12 test best practices
  • Implement correct forms and levels
  • Securely administer and handle test resources
  • Follow student privacy protocols
  • Score and interpret the TABE 11&12 test results

To access the Training modules please click on the below separate links.

Password for both parts: tabecertdrc
Note that Part 1 and Part 2 have separate links.

Certification candidates must complete both training modules in their entirety in order for the certificate to generate.

Listed below you will find a full information brochure for the TABE Certification and a FAQ document. States or local programs my choose to post these link internal Professional Development sites.

For more information visit or call 800.538.9547

TABE Certification Training Parts 1 and 2
TABE Certification Training FAQS
Questions About the Brainshark Player