INSIGHT Online Learning SystemTABE® Online is powered by DRC INSIGHT™, the industry’s most reliable online testing system. DRC INSIGHT is a secure, web-based platform that delivers educational assessments to nearly every state in the nation. It provides more flexibility and reliability to your TABE testing program, with the exceptional performance expected of national, high-stakes accountability measures.
DRC INSIGHT brings you the latest advancements in online testing:

  • Intuitive, universally designed interface that is accessible for all students
  • Administrator portal with improved organization and search functionality
  • Consistent and reliable performance on a range of testing devices
  • Powerful diagnostic and simulation tools to support technology readiness at testing sites

Powerful and Reliable Performance
DRC INSIGHT is a fast, powerful, and dependable online testing solution that provides a consistent and uninterrupted testing experience. An exceptionally stable platform, DRC INSIGHT has successfully delivered tens of millions of online assessments since 2010.

Our proven track record of delivering high-stakes assessments means no delays to your testing schedules and no downtime for your students and staff. Our safeguards include:

  • Innovative tools to support test centers with low bandwidth
  • “Around-the-clock” performance monitoring and engaged technical support
  • Robust, scalable infrastructure with back-up data centers
  • Proactive planning and resourcing to meet the increased demand for testing online

DRC INSIGHT ensures that students and educators can focus on the test, and not the technology.

Support for Every Learner
DRC INSIGHT empowers students to test online with its intuitive, easy-to-use interface, numerous accessibility tools, and accommodations that increase access for all learners.

Full Suite of Accessibility and Accommodation Tools for TABE Online

Line Guide
Answer Eliminator
Digital Notepad
Color Overlays
Contrasting Colors

Reverse Contrast
Online Large Print
Measurement Tools
Reference Materials

Click here to access current system requirements for the DRC INSIGHT Online Testing System and Central Office Services (COS).

DRC INSIGHT runs on the testing devices and operating systems most commonly used in Adult Ed, including desktop and laptop computers (Windows®, Mac®, and Linux®) and Chromebooks™.

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