Save time and resources with Tests of Adult Basic Education Online

TABE Online is a web-based system that lets you assess and report adult basic education skills at any time using the Internet. It is the ideal, convenient solution for educators looking for a secure, online assessment that provides rapid results and minimizes paperwork.

TABE Online includes the Locator, Complete Battery, and Survey tests for TABE 9&10. TABE Online will soon be powered by DRC INSIGHT™, the industry’s most reliable online testing engine.

Find greater flexibility in assessment delivery

TABE Online makes it easy to schedule and manage testing, no matter what your needs are:

  • Auto Locator—TABE Online Locator Test gives you the choice of automatically scheduling and assigning students for the appropriate TABE tests, or letting you control the final decision with its guidance
  • Flexible Administration—You can give online tests to a single student or an entire group. The online system automatically scores the assessments and rapidly generates reports so you will have a clear picture of skill levels
  • Reports—TABE Online enables you to generate reports quickly and easily 24/7 by aggregating data within any node in the hierarchy
  • Improved Accommodation Profile functionality—You have the option to adjust font color/size and background color of test questions and answers to accommodate a student’s testing needs

Gain more powerful reporting

With easy-to-read reports, you get information fast to support important instructional and training decisions. You’ll be able to:

  • Quickly identify strengths and areas of need so you can focus teaching efforts where they’re most useful, saving valuable instructional time
  • Compile test results on any demographic group to meet federal and state reporting requirements
  • Report on National Reporting System-level gains, and norm- and criterion-referenced information

Assess adults for education placement and progress, training program eligibility, and employment qualifications.

Levels: 4 (E, M, D, A) TABE Online includes:
The Locator, Complete Battery, and Survey tests for TABE 9&10


  • A complete online system with automatic updates
  • Rapid test results to inform instruction and training decisions
  • An integrated assessment and reporting system that includes Locator Test, Complete Battery, and Survey editions
  • Secure test administration and data storage practices that adhere to the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Standard 800-53

Enhance your skills
The Teacher’s Resource Guide, Volume 1 provides guidance and information to support the assessment system, including ESL methodology, items illustrating content, and strategies for interpreting and using score results. The Staff Development Workbook and accompanying DVD are designed for individual or group training sessions. The workbook is an invaluable instructional tool containing sample test items, practice activities for scoring tests, and self-check quizzes on administration procedures.

Promote quality instruction
The Teacher’s Resource Guide, Volume 2 can help you target instruction to each student. Engaging and easy-to-follow lesson plans provide focused language practice in work and community situations.