Save time and resources with Tests of Adult Basic Education Online

TABE Online is a web-based system that lets you assess and report adult basic education skills at any time using the Internet. It is the ideal, convenient solution for educators looking for a secure, online assessment that provides rapid results and minimizes paperwork.

TABE Online is powered by DRC INSIGHT™, the industry’s most reliable online testing engine.

Find greater flexibility in assessment delivery

TABE Online makes it easy to schedule and manage testing, no matter what your needs are:

  • Auto Locator—TABE Online Locator Test gives you the choice of automatically scheduling and assigning students for the appropriate TABE tests, or letting you control the final decision with its guidance
  • Flexible Administration—You can give online tests to a single student or an entire group. The online system automatically scores the assessments and rapidly generates reports so you will have a clear picture of skill levels
  • Reports—TABE Online enables you to generate reports quickly and easily 24/7 by aggregating data within any node in the hierarchy
  • Improved Accommodation Profile functionality—You have the option to adjust font color/size and background color of test questions and answers to accommodate a student’s testing needs

Gain more powerful reporting

With easy-to-read reports, you get information fast to support important instructional and training decisions. You’ll be able to:

  • Quickly identify strengths and areas of need so you can focus teaching efforts where they’re most useful, saving valuable instructional time
  • Compile test results on any demographic group to meet federal and state reporting requirements
  • Report on National Reporting System-level gains, and norm- and criterion-referenced information

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Assess adults for education placement and progress, training program eligibility, and employment qualifications.

Levels: 4 (E, M, D, A) TABE Online:


  • A complete online system with automatic updates
  • Rapid test results to inform instruction and training decisions
  • Secure test administration and data storage practices that adhere to the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Standard 800-53