TABE Professional Development

Professional Development for TABE includes introductory-level workshops offered on site and online.

  • Learn the key features and functionality along with capabilities for administrators, instructors, and examinees.
  • Discuss practices needed for implementation including scheduling tests, registration, and instruction for preparing individuals to take the test.
  • Understand how to create and access reports and general test management.
  • Explore a hands-on component to the TABE workshops that allow participants to learn basic test management as demonstrated by the instructor.

Make TABE Professional Development materials a part of your training and support library to upgrade existing instructor skills and train new staff. TABE professional development materials are now available to train test administrators, proctors, and support staff. We offer complete sets of training and reference materials for administering, scoring, and using TABE. This series helps you administer and understand TABE and link results to instruction in your adult education program.

The TABE Teacher’s Guide documentation provides sample instructional materials and test items, item objectives, curriculum explanations, and correlations to various national curricula. Use assessment results to inform classroom instruction, with the TABE Teacher’s Guide: Reading, Language, and Mathematics. A Guide to Administering TABE is also available.

Additional tools to help teachers link test results to instruction Formats:

  • On Site
  • Online
  • Video
  • Print


  • A complete set of reference materials for planning, administering, scoring, and reporting TABE assessments.
  • A Teacher’s Guide for reading, language and mathematics that include sample items, lesson plans, and instructional activities to link results back to classroom activities.
  • On Site and Online courses that fit your schedule.