TABE 11&12 Certification Process

We are excited to announce our new two-part TABE 11&12 certification series. These free online and optional modules consist of two unique, hour-long presentations, each of which is followed by a 30-item test. Upon successfully completing the training and passing the tests participants will be certified to handle, score, and proctor TABE 11&12 tests. Each participant can elect to print their Certificate of Completion, save it for later use, or have it emailed to them.

Certificate holders can:

  • Understand and follow general TABE 11&12 test best practices
  • Implement correct forms and levels
  • Securely administer and handle test resources
  • Follow student privacy protocols
  • Score and interpret the TABE 11&12 test results

DRC will keep a record of all participants. Should there be any question regarding whether an individual has taken and passed the tests, you may contact us for verification. Listed below you will find a FAQ document along with instructions on accessing the training. Training links may be posted on your internal sites, or anywhere you believe it will be most effective and accessible.

If there are any specific and unique requirements your state has, we are happy to answer any further questions you may have.


Marcus Ripp
Data Recognition Corporation
Product Director –TABE

TABE Certification Training Parts 1 and 2
TABE Certification Training FAQS
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