TABE and LiteracyPro Systems’ LACES

datarecTABE 11&12

TABE 11&12 has partnered with the LACES online student data management system to provide seamless integration for student test scores. The new, integrated solution supports automatic data transfers of student testing scores from TABE 11&12 directly into the LACES system.

Seamless, Automated Integration
All online and paper/pencil student assessment results from TABE 11&12 will be automatically transferred into the LACES system on a daily basis. This provides significant time savings for adult education professionals who use both TABE and LACES because it eliminates the burden of having to manually enter scores into the LACES system.

TABE 11&12 test scores are now securely integrated with the LACES data system, saving valuable time for adult education professionals.

Secure and Reliable Data Transfer
The new automated process provides an added layer of security and reliability for customers by reducing the errors that can happen with manual data entry. The automated transfer is highly secure and reliable.

Quick and Convenient Access to Results
All TABE 11&12 test results will be available in the LACES system within 24 hours. Customers have the flexibility to generate reports on demand, meeting the need for timely reporting to help secure federal funding.

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