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  • Preparing for TABE

Preparing for TABE

TABE is a diagnostic test used to determine a person’s skill levels and aptitudes. Many companies use it in hiring, promotions, or for selecting employees for training programs for skilled positions. The TABE test is also used by public service agencies who are guiding people into adult education programs, such as getting a high school equivalency (HSE), going to trade school, etc.

TABE tests skills and aptitudes in reading, math, and English, as you’ll apply them in the workforce or classroom. Although there’s -no such thing as passing or failing the TABE test, your score can determine your eligibility for many programs that can have a positive effect on your life situation. It’s important to be prepared for the test. Make arrangements to take the test through the school or agency that’s requiring it.

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TABE 9&10 Study Guides for Mathematics, Reading, and Language contain supplementary classroom activities to enhance instruction while preparing students for high school equivalency tests, correlations to a variety of national curricula, suggested instructional approaches, and much more. Use them as pre-test student practice, or as remediation after administering TABE 9&10. All study guides are aligned with content and TABE difficulty level for your convenience.

Teachers benefit by:

  • Learning to use TABE 9&10 results to meet NRS and other federal reporting requirement
  • Becoming familiar with sample TABE 9&10 test items and the assessment process
  • Developing more targeted instructional strategies for individual students and groups
  • Acquiring information on how to accommodate students with disabilities

Adult learners benefit by:

  • Prepares students for the experience of taking standardized tests like TABE
  • Useful for students who suffer from test anxiety, who have been away from school for a long time, or who come from other countries and therefore may not be familiar with American standardized tests
  • User-friendly text (easy to medium level content)
  • Coverage of all subject areas assessed by TABE 9&10 and taught in most adult basic education/ high school equivalency test courses
  • Practice items to familiarize students with TABE 9&10 items and to familiarize them with the testing experience