TABE 9&10

Use TABE to evaluate the reading, mathematics, and language skill levels of your students or trainees. The results will help you place each person in the appropriate instructional or training program and track progress toward success. Tests are focused on key factors required for vocational training
programs and most often demanded by employers. Engaging and relevant test questions focus on items encountered in daily life, such as paychecks, bills, and advertisements. TABE comes in a variety of lengths, levels, forms, and formats to fit your assessment needs and goals. A wide range of accommodation materials is also available to help you evaluate the skills of adults with special needs.

Quickly determine appropriate test level

Use the brief Locator Test to help you select the most appropriate of five test levels for each student. The levels are:

Level Content Grade Range
L (Limited literacy) 0-1.9
E (Easy) 2.0–3.9
M (Medium) 4.0–5.9
D (Difficult) 6.0–8.9
A (Advanced) 9.0–12.9

Select from two types of tests

The Complete Battery edition provides detailed statistics on skill mastery and is available in five levels (L, E, M, D, and A) and two forms (9&10). Tests cover reading, mathematics computation, applied mathematics, and language. Vocabulary, language mechanics, and spelling tests are optional.

The shorter Survey includes the same tests and offers similar information to the Complete Battery. It is available in four levels (E, M, D, and A) and two forms (9 and 10), and yields Total Reading, Total Mathematics, Total Language, and Total Battery scores. Alternating the use of two parallel forms, 9 and 10, helps to ensure valid results when retesting students.

Assess basic skills in reading, mathematics, language, vocabulary, language mechanics, and spelling

Levels: 5 (L, E, M, D, A)
Forms: 2 (9 & 10)
Length: Complete Battery—195 items, 2 hours, 29 minutes

Survey—100 items, 1 hour,
30 minutes


  • Tests of educational achievement
  • Flexible components, including a Word List and Locator Test, Complete Battery, and Survey editions
  • Detailed diagnostics
  • A Survey edition for use in quick diagnosis and screening
  • Two forms allow you to pre and post-test for a accurate picture of student achievement
  • Multiple levels include

Scoring and
Computer-Based Testing

TABE can be hand-scored or scored locally with TestMate TABE software. In addition to its paper-and-pencil format, TABE can be administered on a Windows-based computer using TABE-PC, or over the Internet using TABE Online.

To help you use TABE most effectively in your program, you will have access to information on links and correlations between TABE and other tests. These materials include studies linking TABE 9&10 to GED® (2002) Tests and current National Reporting System (NRS) requirements.

Pre-and post-tests
Compare pre- and post-tests to determine growth using TABE scale scores. These scores describe student achievement on a numeric continuum that includes a range of grades. Whether you use Form 9 or Form 10, the comparable scores provide an accurate picture of student achievement.

Make informed placement and
hiring decisions

TABE is an excellent tool that assists you in making important decisions about eligibility for academic programs and employment. It also serves as an effective screening tool when used in conjunction with information from other sources, such as interviews, transcripts, and references.