TABE 11 & 12

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TABE 11&12

  • TABE 11&12 is 100% aligned to the new College- and Career-Readiness Standards.
  • TABE 11&12 will be only one length; no longer will there be a long and short form.
  • The new tests will be approximately 40 questions per section.
  • Math will also only be one test, not a separated Math Comp and Applied Math as TABE 9&10 has.
  • The Locator test will be lengthened slightly to make it more predictive in placing students into the new TABE 11&12.
  • TABE 11&12 will only have three sections, Reading, Math, and Language. There will not be Spelling, Vocabulary and Language Mechanics like TABE 9&10 has.
  • Options are being reviewed on how TABE 11&12 will align/predict to other high school equivalency tests besides the TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™

TABE 11&12 Literacy
Content stresses the integration and application of instructional skills in contexts meaningful to adult examinees. Literacy is key for adult learners, and TABE 11&12 measures it in these three key types.

  • Foundational Skills
  • Literary Texts
  • Informational Texts

TABE 11&12 Reading
Content refl­ects mature, life- and work-related situations and highlights overlapping objectives, from word-meaning skills to critical-thinking skills.

TABE 11&12 Language
The goal of adult language instruction is to build communication skills necessary for functioning effectively on the job and in daily life.

TABE 11&12 Mathematics
Content refl­ects math application, particularly routine tasks such as estimating quantities and making computations involving time, distance, weight, etc.

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